Wedding Brochure

Arranging A Quote

We’ll be delighted to provide you with a tailor-made wedding photography quote.

Our first contact is likely to be by telephone or via the internet.  The internet is fine for providing you with information and answering any questions you might have, such as confirming that we are free on the day of your wedding, but as we tailor every wedding to the couple’s individual requirements, it’s always helpful to have a chat by telephone.

We’ll need to know where you will be getting married and where your reception will be held. We’ll also ask the time of the ceremony and it would be useful to know approximately how many guests there will be.

We can provide coverage throughout the day, from you getting ready early in the morning until your guests leave your evening reception bleary-eyed but happy in the early hours of the following day, so we’ll need to know approximately the length of time that we will be taking photographs.

We’ll also need to know how you would like to receive your photographs.  We offer a range of both traditional and ‘coffee table’ or ‘magazine style’  printed albums or, if you prefer your photographs digitally, we can provide them on a DVD or a magnificent ‘jewelled heart’ memory stick.

Once we know what you would like, we will provide you with a quote that matches your exact requirements.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable and we’ll always be pleased to discuss ways of tailoring your wedding photography to meet your budget.  You might be pleasantly surprised!