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Choosing A Date For Your Wedding

The first question that you are likely to be asked when you announce your engagement is: ” When are you getting married?”

You probably haven’t decided yet.  You will obviously need to set a date at some point, but how do you choose what will be the the most important date in your life?

Cost is probably the driving factor for most couples.  Can you afford to get married straight away, or do you need time to save up?

Birthdays and an anniversary of your first date together are good places to start, but are there any dates that you won’t be able to make through other commitments – for instance, the football or cricket fixture list?

Once you’ve eliminated the dates that you can’t make, you can think about availability of family and friends, particularly those who will be in the main wedding party, such as Best Man and bridesmaids.

But what about the weather? The English weather is famous for its unpredictability.  We know that winter will be reasonably cold and summer is usually reasonably warm, but spring and autumn can be either – or both!  The truth is that you can never really bank on the weather, so it’s perhaps best to choose your preferred season and make sure you’re well prepared for whatever weather comes your way.

If you are getting married in church or at a Registry Office you’ll need to find out which dates are available.  If you prefer an alternative single venue for your wedding ceremony and reception you’ll probably need to be thinking well ahead as some of the popular ones get booked a couple of years or more in advance.

Unless you are choosing a single venue, you’ll need to consider a suitable location for your wedding reception and check availability there as well.

If you’re looking to keep costs down, consider opting for a weekday wedding.  Because most weddings are traditionally held on a Saturday, wedding service providers will sometimes offer special low rates for weekday weddings – and there’s probably a better chance of getting your preferred venues too.