Wedding Brochure

How much photography do I need?

You can choose as much or as little photography as you like.

We’re no strangers to early morning starts and we can be with you as early as you wish.  Much will depend on the time you are getting married though. As you will have two photographers, we will usually incorporate a good mix of informal photographs and, if you wish, formal ones too. We’ll be in touch about a week before your wedding to check whether there are any special groups or individuals that you would like us to photograph. Whether you choose all day photography or just a couple of hours, we’ll always check with you before we leave that there are no more shots that you would like.

It’s probably easiest to break the photography down into sections.

The first section is the bridal preparations, which usually include hairdressing, makeup and a myriad of other things.  While most brides are happy with the photographers being there to record it all happening, a large minority choose to start the photography at the church or Registry Office.

It’s quite normal to be nervous on your wedding day and some brides feel more comfortable without their photographer being there for the preparations.  It can sometimes be a bit cramped if the house is small and there are a lot of people getting ready at the same time. but photographing you preparing for your wedding adds to the story of your day, although of course it adds to the cost too!  So, you will need to consider carefully whether you want to include this as part of your day’s photography.

The second section is photography at the church, Registry Office or other venue for your wedding ceremony.  This usually starts with photographs of the groom, the best man and other male supporters.  We like to inject a bit of humour into this and this helps to relax the groom too.  Naturally, we complete this part of the photography before the bride arrives.

Next is the arrival of the bridesmaids and then the bride.  We’ll take a selection of photographs at this point but as time is usually tight and the ceremony is about to start, this will be very quick.

Photography during the ceremony is something that is down to personal choice and in accordance with the wishes of the Registrar or the vicar. This is the main part of your day though and including photographs of it will make your story complete. Getting married in church does by its very nature include a religious service and some clergymen (and clergywomen) will ban photographs for that reason.  Most will agree to at least some photography though, even if it is limited to shots from the back of the church.  Registrars are usually quite relaxed about photography during the ceremony.  All photography that we carry out during the ceremony is discreet and we do not use flash equipment during the actual ceremony.

Signing the Register is a traditional part of wedding day photography. With very few exceptions, the vicar or Registrar will not allow photographs of the ‘live’ signing.  Instead, we will set up a posed ‘signing’ shot immediately after the ‘live’ signing.  The church or Registrar will often replace the official Register with a copy, or at least turn the Register to a blank page.  As well as photographs of you as a couple, we can if you’d like us to do so, include the witnesses, bridesmaids and parents in some shots too.  Assuming of course that there is sufficient room – some Registers are signed in extremely small vestries!

Formal photography usually takes place immediately after the ceremony and includes the first ‘official’ photographs of you as a couple.  If you would like us to do so, we will gradually add the wedding party and main guests to build up to a full group of all your guests.  If you are having confetti, we’ll build this around the full group. Sometimes – perhaps if you are getting married in a church where there is limited space or where the reception venue is particularly picturesque – the photography at the church or Registry Office will be limited to a few pictures of the bride and groom and possibly the wedding party, with the main photography taking place at the reception venue.

The third section is at the reception venue. Unless you have chosen to have your formal photography in this setting, the photography here is mostly informal in nature – although we will want to take some romantic photographs of you as a couple!  Shortly before you are due to start your meal, we will set up some shots of you ‘cutting’ the wedding cake.  If we haven’t done so already at this point, we will also take some detail shots of tables and decorations in the room.  If you wish, we can include shots of your guests seated at the tables just before the meal commences.

The fourth section is the speeches and ‘live’ cake cutting. We will include guests’ reactions to the speeches as well as the speakers themselves, so do try to make those speeches amusing! If the ‘live’ cake cutting is to take place  during or immediately after the meal we’ll include this too.

The fifth and last section is the evening reception. Photography here will be informal in nature and will include your ‘first dance’.

Your choice is not restricted to any of this, but we hope it will help you to decide how much photography you would like and how this fits in with your budget.