Wedding Brochure

Ten top tips for your wedding day

Here are some useful tips for helping your wedding day go smoothly:

1. Allow plenty of time. Make sure you allow for minor delays

2. Delegate. Don’t try to control every detail yourself, appoint your chief bridesmaid and best man to be your representatives on the day and allocate jobs to specific people well in advance.

3. Don’t get too close to the car wheels in your wedding dress – even the cleanest car will have some dust on the tyres.

4. Be cool.  Don’t get worked up over minor irritations. If anything goes wrong it can usually be fixed.  If you can’t do anything about it, worrying won’t help.

5. Make sure your wedding car is practical.  A sports car or vintage car may look and sound great, but can you actually get into it when you’re wearing your wedding dress, particularly if it has hoops!

6. Think of your bridesmaids.  They’ll probably travel to the church or Registry Office in the wedding car, but how will they be getting to the reception?

7. Eat.  It’s important to keep your energy levels up. Have a light snack before your wedding and ask your chief bridesmaid to carry some biscuits in case you need a top up during the afternoon.

8. Drink. Make sure you keep your fluid levels up, particularly during hot weather.  Do avoid too much alcohol though, you’ll want to remember your day!

9. No alcohol before the wedding please chaps – it will make your face look red in the photographs!

10. Be merry. This is the most important day of your life.  Enjoy it.