Wedding Brochure

What’s your style?

We will always discuss your preferences with you so that we can ensure that the style of your wedding photography will match the rest of your day. If your preference is for formal groups with carefully posed photographs of the bride and groom, that’s fine with us. If you prefer an informal, reportage style we can do that too.  If you like fun, so do we. In practice, most couples opt for a mix.  The formal groups are good for family and friends, especially if relatives rarely get together; informal, candid, shots show that your guests are enjoying themselves and some fun shots are always good to add to the collection.  But of course, we don’t forget what a wedding is all about. … Continue reading

What to expect on your wedding day

Whatever the time or weather, we’ll be there! In fact, sometimes earlier. if you are getting married in church it’s normal to have a rehearsal.  If your wedding is local to us we will be more than happy to attend the rehearsal too (there’s no extra charge) provided our diary is free. As well as getting the chance to meet the wedding party, it gives us the opportunity to check the photography ‘ground rules’ with the vicar If you’ve asked us to take photographs of you getting ready, we’ll arrive at your home (or your Mum’s, friend’s, hotel etc) in plenty of time.  We’ll photograph the hairdressing, the makeup, the dress, the accessories.  In fact everything that adds to your special … Continue reading

Timing on your wedding day

It’s important that you allow sufficient time for everything that will happen on your wedding day. Your day will be a whirl of excitement and prior planning will help everything to go smoothly. If in doubt, allow longer. Even a small delay can impact throughout the rest of your day and as the time of your meal is fixed, any time that needs to be made up will reduce the amount of time that is available for photographs. It probably goes without saying, but the more people there are to have hair and makeup done, the longer it’s likely to take and your hairdresser/makeup artist will be able to guide you on the time you need to get ready. If you are … Continue reading

Ten top tips for your wedding day

Here are some useful tips for helping your wedding day go smoothly: 1. Allow plenty of time. Make sure you allow for minor delays 2. Delegate. Don’t try to control every detail yourself, appoint your chief bridesmaid and best man to be your representatives on the day and allocate jobs to specific people well in advance. 3. Don’t get too close to the car wheels in your wedding dress – even the cleanest car will have some dust on the tyres. 4. Be cool.  Don’t get worked up over minor irritations. If anything goes wrong it can usually be fixed.  If you can’t do anything about it, worrying won’t help. 5. Make sure your wedding car is practical.  A sports car … Continue reading

Presenting your photographs

Traditional or digital; whatever your preference, we can provide your photographs to match. If your taste is for the traditional, we offer luxury hand-made traditional albums complete with your chosen selection of photographic prints professionally mounted inside. If you prefer a more modern, printed album – often known as ‘coffee table’ or ‘magazine’ style we supply top of the range Graphi Studio albums.  The world really is your oyster when it comes to the layout and design of your album.  If you have a particular style in mind, we’ll match it.  But we’ll also be just as happy to help you create your album just as you would like it.  When you are totally happy with the design, we’ll transfer … Continue reading

Let’s meet

Naturally, you’ll want to see some samples of our work before booking us. We’ll be pleased to visit you in the comfort of your own home to show you some ‘real’ examples of our work.  Of course, if you prefer, you are welcome to come to us instead. We will show you a selection of styles of photographs that we have taken together with some really large prints so that you can judge the quality for yourselves.  We’ll also show you samples of the stunning Graphi printed albums and our new alternative to a DVD, the ‘jewelled’ heart-shaped memory stick. If you have any preferred styles that you particularly like we’ll discuss these and answer any questions that you might have. … Continue reading

How much photography do I need?

You can choose as much or as little photography as you like. We’re no strangers to early morning starts and we can be with you as early as you wish.  Much will depend on the time you are getting married though. As you will have two photographers, we will usually incorporate a good mix of informal photographs and, if you wish, formal ones too. We’ll be in touch about a week before your wedding to check whether there are any special groups or individuals that you would like us to photograph. Whether you choose all day photography or just a couple of hours, we’ll always check with you before we leave that there are no more shots that you would like. … Continue reading

For your peace of mind

You can trust us with your photography. “Ah,” you say, “but how do we know?  Well, to start with we have been established for a long time, so we have a good track record.  Working as a husband and wife team we will always provide you with a personal service, whether it’s answering any questions you might have or taking the actual photographs. The price we quote will be fixed and will be inclusive.  There will never be any hidden extras or nasty surprises!  We do not sub contract any of our photography either – we will always carry out your photography personally. All our printing is carried out by specialists, whether it is a single photograph or a luxury Graphi album. We … Continue reading

Choosing A Date For Your Wedding

The first question that you are likely to be asked when you announce your engagement is: ” When are you getting married?” You probably haven’t decided yet.  You will obviously need to set a date at some point, but how do you choose what will be the the most important date in your life? Cost is probably the driving factor for most couples.  Can you afford to get married straight away, or do you need time to save up? Birthdays and an anniversary of your first date together are good places to start, but are there any dates that you won’t be able to make through other commitments – for instance, the football or cricket fixture list? Once you’ve eliminated the dates … Continue reading

Booking Your Wedding Photography

Booking your wedding photography is easy. Once we have provided a quote to you and you are happy with it, we will ask for an initial payment of £100 to secure the date (this is part of the price quoted to you and NOT an extra). We will then send you confirmation of the booking which will set out everything that is included as well as the price that we have agreed.  We’ll ask you to sign and return a copy to us to confirm that we’ve got it right. That’s it.  It really is that easy.  Naturally we’ll keep in touch with you and we’ll check the final details with you about a week before your wedding in case you’d … Continue reading