Wedding Brochure

What to expect on your wedding day

Whatever the time or weather, we’ll be there!

In fact, sometimes earlier. if you are getting married in church it’s normal to have a rehearsal.  If your wedding is local to us we will be more than happy to attend the rehearsal too (there’s no extra charge) provided our diary is free. As well as getting the chance to meet the wedding party, it gives us the opportunity to check the photography ‘ground rules’ with the vicar

If you’ve asked us to take photographs of you getting ready, we’ll arrive at your home (or your Mum’s, friend’s, hotel etc) in plenty of time.  We’ll photograph the hairdressing, the makeup, the dress, the accessories.  In fact everything that adds to your special day.

Unless you are getting married at the same location, we’ll arrive at the church or Registry Office in time to photograph your husband-to-be and his Best Man.  We’ll photograph your guests arriving too.

Then bridesmaids arriving. Then of course you. Then you and your bridesmaids.

If the vicar/Registrar is happy for us to do so, we’ll continue to take photographs during the ceremony.  This will be followed by pictures of you both signing the Register.

Then it’s time for the shots of you as a couple and the family groups (if that’s what you’d like).

When we’ve completed these, we’ll take you both off to somewhere quiet for the romantic photographs.

As you will have both of us taking photographs at your wedding, we will be taking quite a few informal photographs too while the formal photographs are being taken.

Soon it will be time for going into your wedding breakfast (reception).  We’ll take a few set up shots of you ‘cutting’ the cake and we’ll already have covered photographs of the room and table decorations.

If you’ve asked us to do so, we’ll take photographs during the speeches – guests’ reactions as well as the speakers – and then the ‘live’ cake cutting.

We’ll probably take a few additional pictures of you as a couple while the room is being prepared for the evening part of your reception and we’ll certainly take some informal photographs of your guests.

Before you know it, your evening guests will be arriving, so we’ll photograph them too!

Then it will be time for your first dance.

We’ll continue to take informal photographs throughout the evening for as long as you have arranged, but we won’t leave until we have first checked with you that we have taken all the photographs that you require.